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Car wash without you imagine so simple to remember 5 big steps and precautions!

2019-03-28 16:32:26

1, first washed away the sediment

When cleaning with a car wash water gun, use a car wash water gun from top to bottom to remove the sediment from the car body. And then clean the rear of the car, and finally wash the lower part. Be careful to clean the wheels and brake discs, fenders and mud on the grid.

2, spray washing liquid

Wash the water gun rinse clean body after the next to the car on the liquid, the car wash liquid evenly pour in the body above, and then use the multi-function high-pressure washing machine or the technology will wash the car wash evenly, do not use detergent, Fan And so on.

3, with a car wash sponge scrub body

That is, with a car wash sponge car washing liquid on the car scrub again, and then use the car wash water gun to wash the car clean.

4, the eradication of stains

Carefully eradicate the body also left some of the stains, which requires the use of descaling water to co-use. Note: in the eradication of stains along the direction of the car with the direction of straight to scrub.

5, the body water dry

After the eradication of stains will be used to clean the car after the car wash all clean and clean. And then dry the water, to ensure that all the cars are dry after the water track.

Grasp the above cleaning steps, accurate operation of high-pressure cleaning machine, in order to give efficient maintenance of vehicles to complete energy conservation and environmental protection.

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