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The state attaches great importance to the development of the pipeline plastic industry

2019-03-28 16:32:09

      China's plastic pipe annual processing capacity is now more than 400 million tons, industrial development has entered an important period from large to strong, to strengthen brand building, to ensure the coordinated development of upstream and downstream, a plastic pipe industry to achieve the key from the big change.

      The state attaches great importance to the development of plastic pipe industry, with the accelerated urbanization process, the new rural construction and urban pipe network transformation, plastic pipe demand is growing, its development prospects. Plastic pipe as a building material, one is used for decades, to ensure quality is the primary task. And establish brand awareness, cultivate large and medium-sized backbone enterprises, is to protect the quality of products based. Production enterprises must be quality products for survival, and development, to carry out healthy competition, maintaining a healthy and orderly market order. Last year, 12 plastic pipe production enterprises have been awarded the Chinese brand name, the future should have more business products into the ranks of Chinese famous brand for the plastic pipe to establish a good social reputation.

      Plastic pipe industry, the healthy development of upstream and downstream industries can not be separated from the operation. In recent years, the high price of plastic raw materials to the plastic pipe industry has brought tremendous impact on the development of individual enterprises to keep the market share, ignoring national standards, free to add low-quality raw materials to reduce costs, resulting in product quality decline, resulting in a very bad social impact The In order to curb this bad behavior, plastic pipe special committee for several years issued a plastic pipe industry guidance price for downstream users to purchase products to provide reference and guidance to promote the healthy development of the whole industry. At the same time, the plastic pipe special committee is also actively with the upstream business coordination and communication, hope that the raw material suppliers to further strengthen the development of special materials to improve the stability of product quality and improve service levels, in order to achieve the harmonious win-win situation.

      It is understood that China has now become a plastic pipe production and application of power, in 2006 the national plastic pipe industry to maintain rapid development, production capacity, production, application and other economic and technical indicators reached the highest level in history, production of about 2.88 million tons, up 20 %the above. It is expected that China's construction, municipal engineering, agriculture, industry and other areas of the demand, will further stimulate the plastic pipe industry growth, and large-scale enterprise product quality improvement and industry-wide technological progress will further expand its application areas.

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